Michael Prue working for YOU

ON OCTOBER 24, 2022
Michael Prue was elected Mayor of AMHERSTBURG 
Deputy Mayor Chris Gibb
Council Members :
Molly Allaire, Peter Courtney, Linden Crain, Donald McArthur, Diane Pouget

To keep informed about Amherstburg: 

visit https://www.amherstburg.ca

To livestream council meetings:

visit https://video.isilive.ca/amherstburg/live.html

Amherstburg Council 2022
"I am committed to finding extra revenue and jobs through expanding our commercial, industrial and institutional tax base. Raising taxes should always be a last resort. Public projects must include the partnership of fundraising committees.

For recreation and parks activities, I am committed to keeping user fees as low as possible, especially for seniors and children. No park space should be sold in the future.

Municipal government affects us all. I am committed to ensuring all citizens to have a say on the issues affecting their lives in Amherstburg. To be fully informed. To participate in review processes. To provide and share their opinions.

Leadership demands reflecting what is in the public interest and acting always with the support of the community.

I believe in local democracy."


·         Improve fiscal responsibility and empower our Audit and Finance Committee  to vet expenditures

·         Attract industrial commercial development to create new jobs and prosperity in our town

·         Drive completion of key town projects - Duffy's, revitalization of parks, new fire hall, public boat launch at Ranta, Belle Vue

·         Ensure our parkland is preserved by retaining and enhancing existing properties

·         Expedite the revitalization of the downtown core by supporting the needs  of  our businesses and building on the unique qualities of our town  to attract residents and visitors

·         Create safer roads and streets by creating 40 km zones in built up areas

·         Protect our environment and endangered species to ensure our natural habitat is here for generations to come

·         Promote citizen participation in municipal affairs and allow full   deputation  rights at town meetings

·         Improve senior housing availability by selling excess (non-Park) properties and attracting new development

·         Retain our heritage buildings to preserve the rich history that makes our town so unique

·         Ensure all town buildings are accessible to facilitate an open and inclusive municipality

·         Improve access to public transportation through expansion of the new transit system pilot program



The former Allied Chemical Site needs new life as a modern industrial complex, and its proximity to riverside port potential. And commercial growth must continue. Some options include:

  • zoning improvements to encourage industrial location here

  • consideration of establishing an energy hub

  • establish an economic development plan with a qualified  economic development officer

  • streamline and reduce red tape for commercial enterprise

  • consistent policy support for waterfront, heritage and tourism to help commercial growth

  • consideration of future green-house options


The ENVIRONMENT NEEDS OUR PROTECTION, especially our waterways and wooded areas. We have a wealth of great fishing areas, boating opportunities and flora and fauna. Some key areas to focus on are:

  • work with boaters and the federal government for the restoration and repurposing of the RANTA MARINA as a boat launch and fishing pier

  • supporting clean-ups along our roads and water systems by volunteers

  • ensuring our natural resources and endangered species are protected and enhanced

  • planting thousands of trees and naturalized areas


My past municipal experience included serving as councillor, mayor, hydro commissioner. I also served as MPP for Beaches-East York in the Ontario legislature. From these experiences, key benefits achieved for citizens and ratepayers were:

  • 5 successive municipal budgets with zero property increases

  • brought new industry to the community through zero development fees, technology and infrastucture growth

  • served on audit committees to expose waste and recommend cost savings

  • chaired the Queen's Park estimates committee, exposing government waste

Gordon Henderson, the Windsor Star, September 30, 2016
" Amherstburg and Essex County have turned out to be everything Prue hoped they would be. He's not just a fan. He's a pitchman, a proselytizer who spreads the good news...With drum-beating advocates like Prue, it's only a matter of time before Ontario's best -kept secret goes viral"
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